Single Girder Cranes

Single Girder Cranes

At Cranes Complete and Components, We find that Single Girder cranes are the most common solution for overhead cranes. 

On a single girder crane, the bridge is only one beam, supported by tracks on either side of the beam. The Trolley and Hoists are generally underslung, meaning that they run on the bottom plate of the beam. The bridge itself can either be top or side mounted depending on height requirements.

Most people believe that Single girders are not as durable or of the same quality as a double girder. However, if a single girder is designed properly, it can be the perfect solution for a light to medium duty crane requirement. It can also be perfect for a space where the floor space or head room is limited.

A single girder is often the most cost effective solution for lifting for their various applications. They use less material, they are more compact and lightweight, which makes the transport and installation much more cost effective, and because of the single beam, they are a lot lighter than their siblings, use lighter runway systems and can be installed and supported with the existing buildings support structure.

At Cranes Complete and Components, we believe that offering a complete turnkey solution for you is the only way. First we will visit your site, do an analysis of your requirements and come back to you with a solution for your needs. We are specialists in the crane industry with hundreds of years combined experience. We can help you find a solution to your lifting needs and we will do it with professionalism, responsibility and a view to building a lasting relationship.

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