Semi-Portal Cranes

Semi-Portal Cranes

Semi-Portal Cranes

Semi-Portal Cranes are mounted on one floor mounted rail and one raised rail.

Using an elevated rail in a semi-portal crane to support one end of the beam. Is both practical and can be a cost effective option.

Semi-portal cranes have a horizontal beam on which the trolley and hoist runs. Connected on one side to a vertical structure. Which will either run on a rail or wheels. The other side of the beam is connected to a raised rail as part of the building structure.

This is a good option when you need an overhead crane, but only to cover part of your floor space. Where single girder and double girder cranes cover the whole floor space. Consequently, a semi-portal can be constructed to only cover a certain section. Like a piece of machinery or workstation for example.

The fact that you need fewer supporting structures compared to overhead cranes can make this a more cost effective solution as well. However, there would need to be sufficient floor pace dedicated to the installation of the rails for this solution.

We can install sensors that can detect objects in the cranes way while in movement. This would be ideal and prevent damage to the crane. As well as the rails and any machinery that the crane may come into contact with.

Advantages Of Semi-Portal Cranes

Semi-portal cranes are suitable for indoors and outdoors and are often the most practical solution depending on your needs.

At Cranes Complete and Components, we believe that offering a complete turnkey solution for you is the only way. First we visit your site, do an analysis of your requirements and come back to you with a solution for your needs. We are specialists in the crane industry with hundreds of years combined experience. We can help you find a solution to your lifting needs and we will do it with professionalism, responsibility and a view to building a lasting relationship.

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