Rope Hoists

At CCC we supply Surelift rope hoists used for various applications.

The formula used to determine the duty cycle is:

time = (load spectrum x hook path x cycles per hour x working time) ÷ (60 x hoisting speed).

Load spectrum

  • Light: A crane which usually lifts very low loads and rarely lifts maximum loads.
  • Medium: A crane which usually lifts low loads and frequently lifts maximum loads.
  • Heavy: A crane which usually lifts medium loads and frequently lifts maximum loads.
  • Very Heavy: A crane which usually lifts maximum loads.

Once you have a total duty cycle time, you compare it to the load spectrum graph and this will then give you the rating of the hoist that you require.

Surelift Standard Head Room Hoist

The Surelift Standard head room hoist is an entry level rope hoist, it has a single cross travel motor which is controlled by a variable speed drive. The hoist itself has been designed for the South African market. The hoist is driven by a planetary gear box system which reduces the load torque substantially. This means less strain on the shafts and gears of the hoist, allowing for the hoist to have a longer life cycle. This is a great budget hoist for low duty cycle environments.

SureLift Euro Crane

The Surelift Euro Crane series low head room hoists supports a compact design allowing for maximum head room.  The cross travel function comes standard with a variable speed drive control.  The hoist is fitted with a rotary limit combined with a PLC control system to prevent the bottom block from running into itself.  The PLC system also prevents the operator error.  There is also an electronically controlled load limit with a self-calibrating function. The hoist also comes with ABM 3 Stage gearbox. 

This reduces the load on the motor by up to 66%, adding extra protection to your hoist motor and less mechanical strain on the hoist pinions and shafts. The hoist uses a compact design rope structure which fits to a deep groove drum made from Q345-type seamless steel tube, combined with a Light weight rope guide with good wear resistance, to prevent the rope from skipping and damaging the load rope. This Hoist is great in a light to medium duty cycle environment. 

SureLift Guralp Series

The Surelift Gurlap Series is the big brother to the Surelift Euro Crane Series.  This hoist also supports a compact design in terms of height of lift but still supports a more robust design in many aspects such as the hoist motor has a larger frame size allowing for more heat dissipation, this allows the hoist to be used harder and longer without any damage being caused to the motor. The hoist also comes with ABM 3 Stage gearbox.  This reduces the load on the motor by up to 66%, adding extra protection to your hoist motor and less mechanical strain on the hoist pinions and shafts.  The hoist brake is a binder type with IP 65 protection, this allows for up to 4 million operation cycles where some competitors only allow for up to 400 0000 cycles.  The drum is also larger and takes a larger rope diameter, with a standard 6 x 36 rope construction, saving you money on rope replacements and giving you the freedom to get the rope anywhere.  The Guralp comes with a dual cross travel carriage controlled by a variable speed drive.  Giving 2 positive drives on the crawl keeps the carriage aligned and assist in preventing an additional wheel wear.  The cross travel wheels also have a larger wheel diameter then standard hoists, this gives the wheel a larger running surface and increases the load bearings capacity.

On the Electrics, the hoist comes standard with ac 4 duty cycle contractors.  It also comes with a Schneider PLC monitoring system, which ca monitor the cranes operations and allow you to identify the leading cause of breakdowns and assist in leading operator faults.  The hoist is limited by a combination of a rotary limit and proximate limit for added protections should either limit fail.   The other one is always there as a backup.   There is a load pin load cell fitted, having no mechanical switching which will prevent the limit from losing its calibration due to ambient heat causing the steel to expand and contract.  This hoist also comes standard with sticker limits which helps to prevent damages caused by over running of the cross travel.  This hoist is great for medium to heavy duty cycles.

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