Portal Cranes

Portal Cranes

Portal cranes are heave duty machines used to lift large and heavy objects. Things like shipping containers and cars are often lifted using portal cranes.

A portal crane consists of a two vertical steel supports. These can either be anchored to the ground or mounted on wheels or tracks.

There is a long horizontal track connected to the top of each support. With a trolley or car running from end to end.

There is a hoist attached to the base of the trolley and operates using electric or hydraulic operating systems.

If a portal crane is mounted on tracks it can easily move throughout an area.

Portal cranes can either have a cab built in to it for users to operate it. Or it can have a ground level control panel. They can also have jib cranes fitted allowing the crane to pick up objects from outside of its main area.

Portal Cranes can be used for loading and unloading of ships, building and repairing vessels, moving stock through a yard or a production line, and can also be used for building and mining applications.

Portal cranes are a suitable solution for facilities that need outdoor hoisting capabilities. But don’t want to build a building to support a JIB crane. They are also self-supporting structures so they don’t need to be built onto and supported by an existing structure.

Advantages of Portal Cranes

They can also be used indoors when a buildings frame cannot stand to support an overhead crane structure.

You can get both single track and double track portal cranes. Double track support two independent rails and hoists so that you can move twice as much material at once or move material in different directions at the same time.

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