Overhead Cranes

At Cranes Complete and Components, we can deliver what ever overhead crane solution that will work best for you. We supply Various overhead cranes that will no doubt match the need and requirement you have in your environment. Below you can see and view some of the overhead crane solutions we offer.

We know that the most important part of business is making sure we do whatever it takes to keep our clients happy. This will mean they keep coming back to us. This will in turn bring us a steady pace of new business as well.

We know the challenges our clients face, when it comes to shopping around for new overhead cranes. In the state of our current economy, we know that price is always going to be a large factor. Therefore we strive to keep ourselves well within clients’ budgets and expectations. From the start of our relationship for as long as it lasts. We know that we need to understand our clients. To keep them our clients we need to make sure we take the journey with them. this means supplying them with whatever they need whenever they may need it. Most importantly at a price that doesn’t cripple their business but rather improves the state of it.

How we work.

We start all our business relationships the same way. Have an extensive consultation, which includes a thorough needs analysis of what our clients require. Consequently making sure we deliver a crane that will have the maximum productivity and uptime. As well as being durable and in line with safely regulations. Buying a new crane and not taking these important factors into account when doing so can prove to be quite an expensive oversight.

Once we have completed the first steps and finished with the installation, then the after sales and maintenance services come into place. We will do regular servicing of your cranes to ensure minimal downtime, along with our parts that are substantially more affordable than other suppliers, ensures that affordability is always top of mind.