Monorail Cranes

Monorail Cranes

Monorail Cranes

Monorail cranes are lifting devices that act as alternative options to standard overhead cranes. These cranes are generally used to relocate materials within a specific location. As opposed to throughout an entire space. They can be designed into a building, where they enter via the ceiling or columns. Or added at a later stage and installed using supports.

They make it easy to raise items onto shelves for storage. Or to move them from one part of a room to another for setting up or manufacturing.

With a monorail, a steel beam runs along the flooring, and supports a trolley. This trolley can run above or below the beam, all dependent on the elevation and the lifting requirements. There is a hoist fixed to the trolley for steel cables or chains. As the trolley moves along the beam. It takes with it the hoist and whatever it is carrying to where it needs to go.

You can get monorails that run in one straight line from point A to point B. Or you have that include curves at certain points, like stops along the way. There can also be elevations and transfers from one hoist to another if required. Monorails can serve as an alternative to overhead cranes as well as conveyors, and can function as a production line for large materials.

Monorails are generally electric; however, they can also be operated with a hydraulic operating system for the extremely heavy loads.

Advantages of Monorail cranes.

A monorail is completely adaptable, and can be personalised for any application, they fit very well in smaller areas where space is an issue, where operating a forklift or a standard overhead crane is difficult. And unlike a conveyor, the crane is not mounted to the floor so it leaves that floor space open and free.

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