Limiting Devices

Load Limiting Devices

  • Load limiter for overhead cranes and hoists
  • Legal requirement as per the OHSA
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Available as slack rope
  • Pre-calibrated or easily calibrated on site
  • Automatic reset by reducing load
  • Protects crane structure
  • Protects against bottom block overwind
  • Available as a combination or sold separately

Side Pulling Devices

  • Prevents Side Pulling on Cranes & Hoists
  • Angle of side-pulling can be adjusted to various settings
  • Protects rope guide & drum
  • Prevents damage to rope’s and sheaves
  • Reduction in maintenance costs

Increased safety in the workplace

  • As the rope guide is protected all limits remain operative preventing overwinding and unwinding of the rope.
  • Available with a timer control panel to allow for isolation of hoisting and long or cross travel.