Lifting and Spreader Beams

Lifting beams

Here at Cranes Complete can provide you with industrial lifting beams used for heavy duty lifting applications. We custom make our lifting beams to the exact requirements your need for your operation. Also we can make them in varying sizes depending on the intended use. Importantly their stability is crucial as they form the bulk of the work done when using this type of equipment. Keeping in mind that efficiency and ease of use is dependent on the design you need and what will work best.

We can provide you with the following:

Basic Lifting beams, Combination beams, X – Beams, H – Beams, And more depending on what you need.

Our different beams are made with different applications in mind and the best beam should be made depending on what you need it for.

When it comes to lifting beams, we need to take a few factors into account. For instance, the load limit, the pick points, the headspace and the length of the slings to name a few. Consequently we also need to consider, The height of the beam, centre of gravity, lower slings. As well as the angle at which the trapezoid is built between the beam, the slings and the load.

Spreader Beam

Cranes Complete and Components can manufacture Spreader beams and bars can be custom made to your specific requirements. Spreader beams are designed for heavy lifting and construction applications.

We can provide:

Telescopic Spreader beams, End Caps, Container, And more depending on what you require.

Depending on the intended use of the beam, the load limits, and requirements, we will provide you with exactly what it is you need.

Cranes Complete can manufacture the right beam for you

Contact us for more information about our beams and what will work best for you.