Lever Blocks

Lever Blocks

Lever Blocks

Lever Blocks/Hoists can be used to manually lift, lower or pull loads, they can also be used for tensioning.

250 kg – Any

Unlike chain blocks, lever hoists can be used to lift in most positions, both vertically and horizontally, whereas Chain blocks can only be used vertically. 

Cranes complete can supply you with Lever blocks fitted with Chains.

A lever hoist has a lever, which is attached to a block that contains a gear and a ratchet inside it. This has a length of chain travelling over the internal gear. The hoist is operated by cranking the lever up and down powering the ratchet and pawl system, the load is then moved a set distance for every crank, and depending on which way the gear is switched the load will either move in one direction or another. There are hooks on both the end of the load chain or rope, as well as the housing for the lever block which provides easy attachment to the load and a support beam. 

The load chain comes in standard lengths however we will custom make other lengths if you require. 

Lever hoists are made to a specific working load limit and the total load weight cannot exceed this. This includes the weight of rigging equipment as well. We can provide you with Lever blocks from 250Kg load limit to 10 000kg.

Cranes Compete can for safety reasons, inspect and service and do load tests of your lever blocks. We recommend that you do servicing and load testing at least once a year. 

For more information about our lever blocks please feel free to contact us.