Double Girder Cranes

Double Girder Cranes

When it comes to double girder cranes, they consist of two girder beams known as the bridge. Therefore they are supported by carriages on either sides. The main reason for double girders are that the trolleys and hoist are generally mounted on top of the hoist. Consequently this allows for an additional hook height of between 450-900mm more than a single girder.

It is possible to have either a top running or an under running design with a double girder. However with a top running double girder, you will get more overhead room, along with the greatest hook height.

We recommend double girders if your applications are more heave duty, and have to handle heavier loads over greater spans. A double girder is ideal for lifting heavier loads more frequently and they can have indoor or outdoor applications with both a bridge or gantry setup. 

They are more commonly used in mining, iron and steel productions, railyards and harbours. 

If you are also looking to add certain features like walkways and maintenance platforms, a double girder design can support these features. 

Some advantages of double girder cranes are 

The higher hook height. There are generally no limits to maximum span or capacity. They are ideal for production and the transportation of heavy equipment. You can more frequently lift heavy loads. You can add additional features like walkways or maintenance platforms, and more!

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