Man Cages

Man Cages

Here at Cranes Complete and Components, we specialise in the manufacture of custom made man cages designed to suits your needs. Consequently we can do:

Square man cages. Forklift man cages. Crane man cages. With or without roofs. With or without chains. Step in man cages. With self-locking doors. Or custom designed.

Because Man Cages are used to primarily transport people, from high or low level work stations. Therefore it makes it easier for workers to get around with their tools in hand, and can transport them directly to their needed location. Ultimately man cages are completely safe for people and materials which is one of the major requirements for having them.

Mainly using a man cage creates a safe elevated workspace. Specifically Crane man cages can be used at heights, whereas forklift man cages can only be used on a forklift and cannot work at extreme heights.

Furthermore Man cages are there to make sure that workers can do their work as efficiently as possible and as safely as possible. Crane man cages need to be erected by the use of a chain that will have connections to each corner of the cage.

There are many varieties of man cages. For instance, ranging from 1-8 people, with roofs or sides and doors and different capacities.

Subsequently If you need a custom made man cage for your needs, please get in touch with us we will be happy to assist!