Chain Hoists

There are many brands and types of Chain hoists that are suited for various applications.

Here at Cranes Complete and Components we are Agents for the Sure Lift brand. The Sure Lift brand has 2 types of Chain hoists which are suited various parts of the industry according to the duty cycle requirements of the customer. We supply all sizes of electric chain hoists from small 125kg chain hoists to very large 50 ton hoists. 

We also provide advice and consultation to ensure that you are using the correct hoist for the job.

The SK Chain Hoist Series (60% duty cycle)

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The SY Chain Hoist Series (30% duty cycle)

1. Casing: Made of light-weight aluminium. The cooling fan is specially designed to ensure quick heat dissipation with a 40% duty rating.

2. Dual braking device: The Surelift electric chain hoist has both an electromagnetic hoist brake for conventional hoisting brake complimented by a mechanical brake to prevent load dropping in case of power failure.

3. Limit switch: Hoisting and lowering limit switch is a safety mechanism to protect the hoist and load from accidental overwind.

4. Chain: Our hoisting chain is FEC80 ultra heat-treated aluminium alloy chain.

5. Hook :Hot forged industrial strength hook with safety catch.

6. Support frame: The loading support frame consists of two steel plates.

7. Inverse phase sequence protecting device: For prevention of incorrect wiring, hoist will not operate until phases are correct.

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